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Thé japonais

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Grands Crus Tea Workshops Paris 14

Push the door of great origin teas! Come discover, look, smell, taste and feel the wonder.  Read more...

At the Ateliers Thés of the restaurant L'Assiette Paris 14. In our opinion, the main thing is to give you what is really necessary, which is why everything you learn will be useful and easy to apply. However, you will be spoiled by the choice of Teas et  pampered by the chef and the team as well as his hostess, who will have done everything possible to ensure that you leave  amazed! This approach is a unique opportunity to take you on an exclusive adventure. Over time, we were able to develop a more creative activity there. The "Discovery Teas for All"  from L'Assiette, or L'Arrière-Cuisine, offer friendly and really gourmet workshops, in addition to selecting high quality teas.

Private or group workshops.

Group Tea Workshops, from the L'Assiette restaurant in Paris 14, have been popular since 2005. Since then, our mission has been to offer high quality tea workshops to anyone who wishes to combine a pleasant and fun atmosphere while presenting teas ranging from the simplest to the most prestigious, offering the most unique flavors and scents from around the world, in an extraordinary gastronomic experience. We have thought of the art of tea as a mixture of all that producing and consuming countries have to offer in terms of diversity, cultures, preparations, simplicity and ceremonies. Come  without preconceptions or apprehensions, you'll like it... We'll do everything for it!

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