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LES 88 THÉS -  is a young company in the tea sector. Created in 2005 by Nadia L. Leury Sourcer, Buyer and Importer of Teas. Our team is not only made up of tea importers and sellers, we are real enthusiasts and lovers of these magnificent and varied leaves. We experience tea at the very depth of what it has to offer, in terms of scents, flavors and wonders. We are a company also made up of innovators with the will and the resources to constantly find new teas, in order to  to provide you with excellent products, for all budgets

SOURCE with enthusiasm, new producers, new gardens, new teas, wild, organic with the collaboration of traders. Meet producers, whose  creative genius is equaled only by the passion for this noble agricultural product. Learn and discuss both leaf processing methods, preparation and tasting methods. Discuss the price of tea in the world, the crises it is going through, the new quality plantations, in Malawi, for example... the brand favors teas from all producing countries, betting on a selection of quality teas , distinguishing themselves either by their origins, their terroirs, or even by a unique specificity. Always in search of new harvests, made as much on tea trees from native and wild forests, as on cultivated tea trees, high altitude tea trees, hung on rocks or in the mountains and harvested by hand by the villagers living near the gardens, parks or producing wines of incomparable quality. This is how the majority of teas from 88 Teas are imported directly from producing countries, sourced from talented producers and are found as much in the kitchens of certain chefs as at their tables, where they are appreciated by a clientele of connoisseurs, curious and daring novices, lovers of good products in general and very good teas in particular.

TRANSPARENCY - For the sake of transparency and authenticity, Les 88 Thés must tell their customers that certain teas can be sent by  merchants (Europeans), who by their power in the tea industry, have among other things the capacity to be able to buy in larger quantities than we could do and that no less negligible to influence and thus contribute to the development of productions more and more in organic, biodynamic and/or sustainable agriculture, which at our level of artisan merchant, would be impossible or at least very complicated. We buy in the quantities that interest us, teas with European organic standards, or teas from plantations that we have not yet explored, (But that will come!). These teas are all the more selected upstream by demanding experts, and then undergo our own selection, just as strict and rigorous. We do not select our teas based on the purchase price, but by listening  first of all their history, then with regard to their quality or any specificities that make them remarkable teas.

NETWORKS - Les 88 Thés works with producers, merchants, but also  in collaboration with artisan herbalists to select the leaves, flowers, plants, spices, fruits, berries of all origins as well, which will enter into the compositions of gourmet, beneficial, creative, original and very often exclusive infusions.

ACTIVITIES - In 2008,  the brand develops in collaboration with chef David Rathgeber:  Tea Workshops
and several other activities, Table d'hôtes on street-food and teas, Tea-Time Party,
  Girly Chic Tea Party, exclusively female, Table de Chef and Millésimes, around the Chef's cuisine are placed in harmony with teas sublimating the meal, Tea Gourmet, 3 flagship products of French gastronomy, worked by the Chef and tasted with ease with grand cru teas. All these activities immerse us in this varied, high and subtle universe of great teas, in order to transmit this love of teas, whether these are legendary or the latest, coming out of the spirit and the work of a producer equally  crazy about excellence.
You know almost everything... What you don't know yet is what you haven't witnessed yet!


Les 88 Thés  -  Teas and Infusions  since 2005


Une jolie femme


Responsible for @-customer orders and taster

Sourire femme


Responsibleable of vents and taster


CEO Sourcer and taster

Fille de jouir de sa boisson


Communication France - Foreign and taster

A charming team of passionate  and intelligent young women.

Together they carry out their activities in the Sales, Customers, web @-customers, internal and external communication and management departments, along with those of "tea sourcers and tea-testers  and our customers are delighted.


They rely on intensive research work in order to offer teas that are as atypical as they are wonderful, but also provide upstream and downstream work to satisfy our customers. 


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