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Oolong teas (blue-greens) are teas that undergo a varying semi-fermentation between 12 and 70%. These are the most naturally flavored teas in the world. Their scents and flavors are very variable and can range from the simple fruit, flower, to the most heady and complex bouquets, passing from the orchard, to the confectionery.

Oolong teas are a very large tea family. These are the most naturally fruity teas in the world. Teas between "green and black" and yet, they are also called "Blue-Green", rather than "Green-Black. They are semi-fermented teas, and it is precisely according to the degree of fermentation, that we will say that the tea tends more towards the green or on the contrary towards the black. There are very slight fermentation, between 10 to 30%, with stronger ones between 40 and 70%. And it is this semi-fermentation which goes make all the difference. Weak, it will give teas with rather flowery notes, such as Anxi Tie Guan Yin, a pure wonder of Chinese Oolong. Medium, it offers fruity, delicious notes, and on strong semi fermentation, we arrive on a profusion of fruit notes (fresh, summer, autumn, exotic, cooked, stewed, nuts, red fruits, spices, gingerbread, honey, etc.

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