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In the tea and infusions industry since 2005, the "LES 88 THÉS" brand has unparalleled knowledge and expertise in creating the most specific infusions. We are committed to providing companies and individuals with innovative and quality infusions.

Our special and original creations, made with very high quality plants, flowers, leaves, bark, rhizomes, fruits (dried or shelled), berries and spices, are exclusive. We work in collaboration with trusted herbalists, gardeners and producers who provide us with beautiful products, sometimes organic, semi-organic or wild harvested. Some of our creations have no added artificial flavors. Only the shine, the fragrance and the natural taste of the products perfume, give the flavors and embellish the infusions. Plants are active products, so our infusions retain  all the properties of the ingredients that compose them. They are created as much for their beauty as their high beneficial and gustatory powers. They are unique and exclusive!

Note: Products may look slightly different in your bag as they are photographed and staged under the light.


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